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Course flyer

Course flyer

Friday, December 5, 2014

15 Reasons to enroll in Mormon Women & Power

  • Read awesome books such as "Women and Authority" (edited by Maxine Hanks).
  • Because this high school student wants to join the Mormon priesthood, and the men of her Church say she can't because she's a female.
  • Contribute to innovative educational experience, a hybrid classroom that includes residential and distance learners.
  • Read and hear from a diverse group of Mormon women.
  • Participate in Mormon Women and Power website as a class activity.
  • Broaden your knowledge of Mormonism, a world religion brought to you by Joseph Smith from the United States of America.
  • Watch on-point moments from HBO's "Big Love," such Barb's quest for the priesthood.
  • Be a "tester" for a new course. Play an important role in the developing teaching career of a doctoral student.
  • Learn about Mother in Heaven (aka Heavenly Mother) in Mormon tradition.
  • Support, through learning about and engaging with their writings, women demanding equal rights in Mormon ecclesiology.
  • Learn about the Women's Relief Society, a pillar of the Mormon Church.
  • Start the week off right: fruitful discussion on women and religion over a pot of mint tea and honey every Monday morning with colleagues.
  • Play a role in the discernment phase of Michelle Mueller's doctoral dissertation.
  • Conduct independent research on a topic of your choosing related to Mormon women and power.
  • Have the chance to be part of an American Academy of Religion panel in Portland, OR.